Profiles.im has a simple API that allows your application to retrieve extended profile information on any user.

The API is very simple to use, but does require an API key. If you'd like a key for your application, just email us and tell us your application name and URL, as well as a little background information on how you plan to use the API.


API Requests should be sent to http://profiles.im/api/request/ via either GET or POST.

All API requests require at least two parameters:

Your unique API key.
The API request method you with to execute. You may need to supply additional parameters, depending on the request you are making.

And one optional parameter:

outputMethod (json|xml)
Whether the API should return results as a Javascript object (json) or in XML. Defaults to XML

Methods & Parameters

MethodParametersPossible Responses
getProfileFromTwitterUsername twitterUsername
(user's Twitter login)
200: profile object
404: User not found
getProfileFromUsername username
(user's profiles.im username)
200: profile object
404: User not found
getUrlFromTwitterUsername twitterUsername 200: profiles.im URL
404: User not found

All methods and parameters are case insensitve.


Results are returned in either JSON or XML, and have the following structure:

Sample Requests

Note: Do not use the API key shown in these examples. It will break your application!