Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a simple service that allows you to create an extended profile to go with your twitter account.
Why is my URL different from my twitter username?
In the future, we plan to add other (non-twitter) services to, so we wanted to disassociate our URLs from twitter usernames.
How do I link my URL to my twitter account?
Just enter your URL as your 'More Info URL' on twitter's settings page.
Can I change my URL?
No. So choose wisely.
Why is my preferred URL not allowed?
We reserve certain URLs in order to keep the site working. Some URLs may be disallowed for other reasons.
How do I edit my profile?
Just click on any field while viewing your own profile and you can edit the contents. Note that you can't edit the contents of the 'More Info URL','Bio' and 'Location' fields which are imported directly from Twitter.
Do you have a directory of Twitterers?
Yes, we have a user directory. You can choose to opt out of appearing in the directory be unchecking the option on your account settings page.
What web browsers are supported?
Visitors can view your profile in any web browser, however in order to edit your profile you will need a modern, standards compliant browser with Javascript enabled. We recommend Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Why does my profile look strange in Internet Explorer?
Everything looks strange in Internet Explorer.
Why do I get an 'Error Fetching RSS Feed' Message on my profile?
This occurs when we could not fetch or parse the RSS feed you entered for some reason. Most often, this happens when the URL you entered isn't actually a valid RSS feed, so double check that it works in your browser.
Can I prevent sections of my profile appearing entirely?
Simply leave a field blank and it won't appear in your profile. You can also choose to hide entire sections of your profile by changing the settings on your account page. Note that you'll still always see all available profile fields on your own profile when you're logged in. Just click the 'View Mode' button at the top of your profile to see it as the rest of the world does.
Can I keep some fields private?
Only by leaving them blank. Just like Twitter, you should only share information that you're happy being publicly available.
My 'More Info URL' field doesn't appear? What's wrong?
If you've edited your Twitter settings to point the URL to your, we don't show it on your profile. People are already on the page so don't need to see it.
Can I change the design of my profile?
We currently import your twitter design and use that as the basis for your design. If you make a change on Twitter, you can update your page by going to your account settings and selecting 'Import From Twitter'. You can change the order of the fields on your profile simply by dragging them up and down.
Can I use HTML in my profile?
No, but we do automatically turn URLs into links, Twitter @usernames into Twitter links and #hashtags into Twitter search links. You can link to ther profiles by putting curly brackets around the {username}
Do you have a button I can put on my web site to link to my profile?
Yes we do. See our Badges & Buttons page.